Kendall Stage Curtains has a long and proud history. Kendall Company, a Tennessee-based company, was founded in 1992 by Brenda Helmick. Brenda is originally from Clinton, MS, but moved to Nashville, TN in 1988.


That same year her son started kindergarten and Brenda became involved with the school's PTA, including the fund-raising project of replacing the stage curtains in the school cafetorium. Because Brenda had a family background in the stage curtain business, she was put in charge of gathering information and pricing for the PTA project. When she finally found someone in the area who sold stage curtains, she found the information confusing and the product to be extremely over-priced. No one in the area was actually in the stage curtain business. Stage curtains were an item purchased from companies in other parts of the country and sold to local schools.


After much consideration, Brenda decided to start her own stage curtain business. Her mission was:


    - to know the stage curtain industry inside and out and to be able to help customers understand the product -
       this included training all Kendall Company's personnel to do the same

    - to ONLY be in the stage curtain business - if this is all her company does, then they should be the best

    - to sell direct in order to control costs and to keep prices down - no commissioned salespeople, no dealers


In the beginning, Kendall Company sold and installed stage curtains and gym dividers in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. By 1998, Mississippi was added.


In 2000, the trade name changed to Kendall Stage Curtains in order to increase name brand recognition on the Internet and to support the mission of "curtains are our only business." By 2003, Kendall Stage Curtains expanded again, adding the states of Arkansas, Georgia, and Louisiana to the selling area. At this time, Brenda's husband, Ronny, joined the company in order to oversee the installation/technical department.


As the Internet became a more widely used resource, the demand for Kendall Stage Curtains increased and requests began coming in from all over the country. By 2004, our stage curtains were being shipped and installed from Alaska to the Florida Keys, from southern California to northern Maine, and all states in between!


We have provided curtains and complete track systems to schools, churches, community centers, theatres, convention centers, TV stations, hotels, casinos, museums, and fitness centers.


Kendall Stage Curtains also works closely with architects, contractors, and designers in order to give the client a customized system that will satisfy their specific needs.


Today Kendall Stage Curtains is one of the leading providers of quality stage curtains and gym dividers. We take pride in our business of "dressing your stage or gym", and it continues to be our ONLY business.


We hope our website is easy to navigate and we look forward to hearing from you soon!